Beliefs & Values

Living Missionally

-We are missionaries, committed to God's mission in every aspect of our lives. We hope to grow, love, and make disciples of Christ at home, work, school, and the community

-We seek to meet people where they are at with love and come alongside in life; modeling, teaching, and growing in Christ together.

Loving Constantly

-God loves all people and so we love all people in every circumstance, no matter what.

-Our love for others is to constantly seek good for every person, regardless of personal sacrifice that is required.

Serving Endlessly

-We will drop everything to help someone in need, whether that be in church or in the community.

-We are providing opportunities for God to work in the one who serves and those who we serve.

Giving Hospitably

-We give so others will be cared for and will stop it nothing to help in whatever way possible.

-Our giving goes beyond donations and manifests itself in our giving each other our presence, time, abilities, and testimonies.

-We give so that healing would take place for all in need.

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